Filthy houses feed and multiply bugs.
The only way to not be a bug breeding ground is to keep your property free of accumulated garbage, trash and clutter.

At Castle Property we hard to make sure all of our properties remain free of garbage, trash and anything that will be a breeding ground for bugs.  Our properties start out without any trash when the tenants move in, but during the year it is the responsibility of the Tenants to properly dispose of their garbage and take it to the street for collection each week.  As you can guess some Tenants are better than others at cleaning up after themselves.

Below is a story where we fell short and were not pro-active enough with one particular student group.  Below are actual photos of how this group of students chooses to live and the resulting need to exterminate their property.  I use this group specifically and mention the house manager by name since she has written several "anonymous" reviews about her experiences and mentions Castle Property and her property manager by name.  Each time we discover a new " anonymous " posting by Taylor J. Smythe of Alexandria, Virginia, we leave a comment with the actual facts and link to this page so her readers get a more balanced view of how she really lived.

Taylor J Smythe of Alexandria, Virginia was the house manager for a group of tenants living at 415 N. Liberty Street for the 2011-2012 school year at JMU.  She has decided to tell half -truths and to write in the third person as though she was simply an observer watching poor pitiful JMU students be victimized by a ruthless landlord.  A landlord so mean that they even make Tenants pay to clean up their own trash and exterminate their own filthy property.  Each version is a little different but generally she is warning others based on things that happened to her "friends".   These “anonymous“ reviews were sent to various locations such as the Better Business Bureau and Opendi to name a few.  Fortunately she accidently used her JMU e-mail address and home zip code when reporting to BBB so we were able to know who this is that is hiding behind the internet to tell her stories.

There are a few things Taylor J Smythe of Alexandria, VA forgets to add to her reviews that would give a better view what actually happened.  If she really believed what she wrote, she would have no trouble signing her actual name.  I am attaching my name and position at Castle Property at the bottom of this page.  I am including photos of how she lived while she was the house manager at Liberty Street.  These are photos during the first and only year of occupancy.  They also show the exterminator spraying the property as we remove their garbage for disposal.  I have also included the actual extermination bill that not only shows this happened at HER house and not a "friend's" place. The exterminator that sees a lot of filthy properties even marked on the bill that the property was "very dirty & trashed up".

Our goal with this posting it two fold.

First and foremost, we hope to educate future Tenants that there is a strong correlation between pest problems and proper sanitation.  If you don't believe us, ask any pest control company "what do the majority of pest infested properties all have in common".  The honest ones will tell you that they see a lot of clutter and a lot of improperly disposed trash and garbage. 

Second, don't believe anonymous reviews on the internet.  They are typically angry people with grudges that create false stories to make themselves look like a hero or a victim.  They hope to hurt someone else by pretending to be someone else on the internet.  It is your responsibility to always correct the record when someone makes false statement about you.  This should always be done with your full name and contact information.


  Rotting garbage pile left to breed bugs in a windoe alcove.






Some of the various bugs living and breeding under the pile.   Roaches, beetles and ants.  The exact same collection of bugs inside the house.




    Exterminator spraying inside the entire property for bugs.







Exterminator in front of pile of rotting garbge removed from alcove.





  Excessive garbage for an extended period of time required treatment of the entire exterior perimeter to remove the bugs. 

   Taylor J Smythe at lease signing.





Taylor J. Smythe's bedroom condition








Taylor J. Smythe's bedroom condition





Click for a copy of the extermination bill showing the address of Taylor's house and the condition.


This page written by:

Glenn Loucks, Property Manager
Castle Property
919 N. Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22802